Let's be honest... Not all of us are born as a supermodels. Our body types different from one to the others. So why we can't celebrate our own body types and picking the right clothes that accentuate to our body?

After reading this, you will more accurate chooses from Lunarity Garage!

Here are some tips for choosing right clothes our body types.


If hips and bust are same size with slightly smaller waist, then that's your straight body type.

To accentuate your body, best choose that will enhance your waist. Try wearing tube dresses in Lunarity Garage. And also pairing it with wide belt. That belt creates the illusion! It's your well-defined waist.

Tip: Make sure to wear dress or top that pinch at the mid-section. That will create some dimension to your body frame ;)


If you have a well defined waist with large hips compare to your chest and shoulders, then you have pear body type. 

The crucial thing to do is to accentuate your upper body bu adding some volume to the top. That will create an illusion! You have an hourglass figure and de-emphasize your hips... Try wearing tops that embellishments on the busts or on the shoulder. Still make sure to accentuate your waist. Also choose skirts or pants in Lunarity Garage that will minimize your lower half, such as pants in dark colors. Or skirts that skim your body ;)


If you have a proportionally larger upper body with broad shoulders and slim hips, then you have an apple body type.

Choose clothes that will define your waist. Add more curves to your lower half, such as pant with embellished pocket or full a-line skirts from Lunarity Garage. Enhancing your lower half balances your wide upper body and provide more balanced look! ;)


If your hips and bust are same size also you have a very well-defined waist then you have a hourglass body type.

Most important thing to dressing hourglass body type is to proportionally dress both the top and bottom. As long as you balance your lower half and your top you will be able to wear most types of pants in Lunarity Garage and also world :) such as high-waist pants or pencil skirts or skinny jeans with wrap style tops.

Don't forget. Getting dressed from Lunarity Garage is a whole lot easier when you know how to work for your body type!

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